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Developing the Mighty Middle:
Tools for Mid-Manager Resilience
with Susan DeGenring & Jim LoPresti

Many midlevel managers are struggling to survive, never mind thrive, in today’s volatile workplace. Join us in discovering the key competencies and a unique approach to leadership agility and resilience for middle managers.


Affordable, Practical Coaching for Middle Managers

Today’s midlevel managers must be more agile, resilient and emotionally-intelligent than ever before, with a more finely honed capacity for influencing others and collaborating to get things done.

Participants in this innovative, new online coaching program will learn to:

  • Build capacity for resilience and managing stress

  • Increase their social and emotional IQ

  • Develop an authentic values-based leadership presence

  • Act both appropriately directive and collaborative when managing others

  • Influence diverse populations without positional authority

  • Provide practical coaching

  • Balance strategic thinking and operational execution

  • Inspire and motivate

  • Foster trust through transparency

Interested in bringing Agile LeaderShift to your organization?

Contact Susan DeGenring to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation 30 minute phone consultation. 

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