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Bringing Affordable, Practical Coaching to Middle Managers

Middle managers are the linchpin of an organization’s success.

They take enterprise strategy and make it happen.


Yet, middle management is one of the most challenging and often undervalued roles in an organization. Many aspire to it for career advancement, but find themselves stuck there, dissatisfied and struggling to cope with the demands from above and below. Others simply burn out and leave the organization altogether.

And, in our rapidly changing global work environment – with more people reporting to fewer managers in more locations, dealing with more complex competitive stakes, and multiple generations working together, often remotely – the role of the mid manager becomes even more herculean.

Healthy organizations need happy, high-performing middle managers who not only survive, but thrive.


To succeed in this environment requires managers who are:

  • both strategic and operational

  • both collaborative and directive

  •   both self- and other-aware


In other words, more versatile, more agile and more resilient.


Agile LeaderSHIFT is a unique and affordable group coaching program to help midlevel managers develop into agile, resilient, high-performing leaders. This multi-session online program, led by experienced leadership coaches, provides the tools and techniques mid managers need to adapt to the stresses of an ever-changing work environment, while expanding their capacity to create and lead the workplaces of tomorrow.





Today’s midlevel managers must be more agile, resilient and emotionally-intelligent than ever before, with a more finely honed capacity for influencing others and collaborating to get things done.

Participants in this innovative, new online coaching program will learn to:

  • Build capacity for resilience and managing stress

  • Increase their social and emotional IQ

  • Develop an authentic values-based leadership presence

  • Act both appropriately directive and collaborative when managing others

  • Influence diverse populations without positional authority

  • Provide practical coaching

  • Balance strategic thinking and operational execution

  • Inspire and motivate

  • Foster trust through transparency

Join  ZOOM Collaborate's Susan DeGenring & Jim LoPresti to explore these and other important shifts in today's Mid Manager's Competency Profile, and discover how the Agile LeaderSHIFT personalized online coaching program can help your organization's midlevel managers develop resilience and thrive.


Developing the Mighty Middle:
Tools for Mid-Manager Resilience
with Susan DeGenring & Jim LoPresti

Many midlevel managers are struggling to survive, never mind thrive, in today’s volatile workplace. Join us in discovering the key competencies and a unique approach to leadership agility and resilience for middle managers.

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Susan DeGenring, ZOOM Collaborate’s Managing Partner and Director of Product Innovation, is an experienced leadership consultant, board-certified executive coach, and virtual program designer and leader. Her mission is to create agile, resilient and self-aware leaders who build productive, engaging workplaces where people thrive.

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 Jim LoPresti has worked in both corporate and academic worlds, utilizing practice and theory, for more than thirty five years with his clients in executive coaching, negotiation skills/conflict resolution, leadership through story-telling, resilience and stress management, team building, senior management alignment, introducing and leveraging change, and cultural transformation. 

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